What is self care and why is it so important?

The term self-care seems to be everywhere right now and as it should be. I truly believe that throughout our journey, it is our self-care rituals that help ground us and bring inner contentment. I advocate for this deeply and it's no secret that my mission at Kalea Body is to bring you natural body care products that help you slow down and create intentional self-care rituals.   

What really is self-care?

I think we all imagine self-care as wearing a pink clay mask while running yourself a hot bath... which don't get me wrong it sounds so amazing, but there truly is so much more to it than that. I think it is so important to acknowledge that self-care is not an "all or nothing" approach. That it is the simple and small things you do to honour yourself that ultimately have the biggest impact. Self-care can be smashing out your workout. Self-care can be having the self respect to say no. Self-care can be drinking enough water. Self-care can be spending quality time with loved ones. Self-care can be spending all day on the couch, in your jammies while cuddling your dog…yep, this is me!

Self-care is tuning into your mind, body and spirit while respecting what is it you find there. The practice of self-care is contagious, and once you commit to yourself, it really has the potential to make you happier, healthier and more closely aligned with the life you want to lead.  

Types of self-care.

  • Physical self-care.

Our bodies are our home, for life. We only get one body, and it's so important to take good care of it. Fuel your body with healthy, nutritious food, hydrate it with water and herbal tea (peppermint for me) and move. your. body! 

Lets face it, we all know this.

I think it's important to highlight that no two people are the same, and what works for you, might not work for someone else. Tune in and do what works best for you. Even if that means enjoying that block of chocolate and glass of red every once a while. 

Remember, your body is your home for life. Treat her, honour her and love her.  

  • Mental self-care. 

Mental self-care can be as simple as slowing down and pausing throughout your day. 
Let's try this together! Pop your hand on your heart and take three slow deep breathes. Notice the rise and fall of your chest, the sound of your breathing and the fresh air in your nostrils. It really is amazing what taking a few moments to simply breathe can do for the rest of your day. 
When caring for our mental self, it is important to be aware of when we need support from those around us, or from professionals. Asking for help from an expert can be necessary to understanding ourselves and our experiences.

  • Social self-care. 

By nature, us humans thrive in community. We want to feel and be connected. Loving and nurturing relationships while building strong connections, is one of the best things you can do for yourself and social wellbeing.

This can look as simple as calling up a friend who makes you cry of laughter, or organising a coffee date with that friend who truly listens and has your best interests at heart. 

We can get so caught up in our "other commitments", where we are just "too busy", and our social life seems to be the first area that gets neglected. I too, am guilty of this! Schedule out a time in your calendar and allow yourself to enjoy some quality time with good quality people. 
You know how the saying goes, “your vibe attracts your tribe”. Surround yourself with people who love you, up-lift you and make all forget about your never ending "to do" list, even if it is just for a little while. 

  • Spiritual self-care. 

Honour and nurture your spirit. This may look different to different people as spiritually is deeply personal and unique to you. For some, it may be through religion, and for others, it may be knowing that there is something bigger than themselves. Taking care of your spiritual self can be meditation and yoga practice (no surprises there), spending time in nature and journaling to name a few. Personally, I start most of my mornings meditating and journaling while spraying our meditate room mist around my aura. This practice helps ground me and set the tone for the rest of the day. Taking care of your spiritual self is an important part to leading a fulfilled and meaningful life.  

Benefits of self-care.

  • Helps you slow down. 
  • Investing in your future self. 
  • Increased knowledge and awareness of self. 
  • Better productivity. 
  • Improved physical health. 
  • Lowers stress and anxiety.  
  • Ultimately, leads to a more fulfilled and enjoyable life. 

We live in a culture that overvalues being busy, moving fast from task to task, hustling hard and views rest as unproductive and lazy. Simply put, this shouldn't be the case. It is so important to consciously slow down, listen to your body and take the time to rest. Rest gives us the opportunity honour and recover our bodies while allowing us reconnect to the things and people that are important to us. When living a slower lifestyle we're better at decision making, we're more connect to ourselves and those important to us and better able to tap into our creativity. 

There you have it, your answers to why self-care is so important. Your wellness and self discovery journey is unique to you, which I believe, is such a beautiful aspect to our lives. Just as the seasons change, we will go through different seasons within our own lives and our self-care needs are likely to shift too. Finding what works best for you is an ongoing task. I encourage you to reassess your life often and when you notice a certain area is needing attention, create a plan for change and self-nurturing.

And remember, you don't have to deal with everything all at once. Slow down, breathe, relax and remember to make yourself a priority, because you truly deserve every moment that you invest in you.  

With Gratitude,