125ml christmas eve aromatherapy room mist

Christmas Eve | Aromatherapy Room Mist

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Aromatherapy Room Mist

Christmas is in the air. Formulated with high quality pure essential oils, this aromatherapy blend is the perfect combination of warming and festive essential oils to bring the holiday spirit into your home. Best to spray this bottle throughout your home, to create the perfect atmosphere for your holiday celebrations. 

This blend was created to bring the Christmas aroma into your home. A joyful, spicy and woody aroma with the perfect undertones of peppermint & citrus. 

To Use

Gently shake bottle, then spray mist in an upward direction throughout the room, avoid direct contact with eyes or broken skin. Can be used as a perfume, room freshener or on linen. 


Lavender hydrosol, purified water, plantaserv M, castile soap, pure essential oils of cinnamon, clove, frankincense, orange & peppermint. 


Our blends are all hand poured in small batches. Our ingredients contain no harsh chemicals, parabens or SLS.